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About Us

American Tax Holding, LLC

American Tax Holding, LLC (ATH) is one of the nation's leading purchasers and servicers of delinquent municipal real estate property tax liens. ATH is a small, private company with an in house staff of individuals with extensive tax lien investing, servicing and management experience. We are a debt collector and this is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Originally formed in 1997 as a division of Transamerica Corporation, in August 2000 the founders completed a form of a management buyout, creating ATH. Since 1997, ATH has acquired over $1.5 billion in tax liens providing cash to local governments across 21+ states to help fund public education, public works, public health and public safety services and programs.

Since inception, ATH has completed some of the largest, most complex and innovative bulk transactions in the industry. ATH has purchased over 350,000 tax liens, producing tangible benefits to both taxing authorities and taxpayers.

Over the years, ATH’s servicing affiliate, American Tax Funding Servicing, LLC, has dealt with every facet of the tax lien business, from multi-million dollar bulk and auction purchases, to individual lien assignments involving small investors. Through all its endeavors a few simple principals have guided it:

  1. To deal fairly and honestly with all of our clients; municipal, investor and taxpayer alike.
  2. To consistently provide premier customer service.
  3. To strive to exceed the expectations of our partners.